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Development in a Box 1-6

After a very successful Grades 7-12 Development in a Box resource kit, ACGC is pleased to share Development in a Box GRADES 1-6!

Designed to be a toolkit to be used by educators, Development in a Box aids in the incorporation of global citizenship issues into the curriculum and classroom. The resources within Development in a Box grades 1-6 include lesson plans, hands-on activities, as well as connections to local organizations (from the ACGC membership) who are working both locally and globally to address social justice issues. 

Development in a Box is available to Alberta classrooms free of charge. Lessons address many local and global issues and are linked to curriculum objectives in the Alberta Program of Studies.

Understanding the budgetary limitations and time constraints that educators face, ACGC has built this resource to include everything you will need! Laid out lesson plans, curriculum connections, and all the materials needed for implementing the activities are contained within this resource and will be delivered right to your school!

Development in a Box Grades 1-6 is currently offered as a digital resource, which are available below. 

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us.

Development in a Box Details

The lessons have been divided into different thematic areas for ease of locating the appropriate lesson. Please follow the links to the corresponding thematic areas:

Resource Guide

Global Citizenship
Peace Studies
Environmental Sustainability
Taking Action on Global Issues
Background Information

Resource Books

Please find below a copy of each of the Material Books as distributed to Alberta classrooms. Within these books you will discover the same thematic areas and lessons as listed above, however organized according to the Table of Contents in the Resource Guide.

Resource Guide
Material Book One
Material Book Two
Material Book Three

More Information

Are you stuck with where to begin? Would background information to each of the thematic areas assist you in incorporating Development in a Box into your classroom? Fret not! ACGC is currently working on putting something together. This will be posted on the website in the new year! Thank you for your patience.